Design Services – Trusses, Floor Systems, Wall Panels, Floor Cassettes

Our in-house Design team works with your architectural plans to create layouts and a price quote for your roof trusses, floor system, or panelized components. Our goal is to achieve the architectural intent and meet all Building Code requirements, while optimizing material usage to keep costs down.

In order to design and accurately quote on your trusses, walls or floors, we require architectural plans that are fully-dimensioned (i.e. have dimensions for the entire footprint of the building and any overhangs, specify the roof pitch and joist direction, and indicate the locations of the steel beams). Often these plans are marked FOR CONSTRUCTION, but should be marked FOR PERMIT as a minimum.

If your plans are preliminary and likely to change, we may be able to give you a budgetary price to help with your planning. A layout or detailed quote would be developed later when your plans are final.

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Engineering Services – Trusses & Floor Systems

When KOTT is supplying roof trusses and floor systems, our in-house Engineers work closely with our Design department to ensure that the designs meet all aspects of the Building Code. We take responsibility for:

  • Design and Engineering of truss and/or floor layouts for permit done by KOTT
  • Connection details required to connect KOTT-designed products to the structure
  • Repair details, if necessary

In addition, our P.Eng team can support the overall Project Engineer with any necessary information or calculations related to our products.

Additional Structural Engineering Services from KOTT

With over 30 years of experience in wood design and construction, our Engineering team brings unique expertise to your wood frame project. Licensed in Ontario and Quebec, KOTT Engineering can be retained as the Project Engineer of Record for residential and light commercial new builds, providing the following services:

  • Design and structural review for new residential and light commercial projects
  • Structural drawings for building permit applications
  • Foundation and footing design
  • Third party site visits

When we are retained as the Project Engineer we take responsibility for all engineering aspects of the job.

Please contact us for rates related to your project.