Akhir Cerita Wedding Agreement Novel

I also had the end of the story, but because Gabut and there is no other choice, finally look at this (like the same mba wkwk). Although the plot has been defined, the way the director delivered the film is, anyway, pretty good. I knew this movie came from the novel. And if you watch the trailer, I`m interested. Unfortunately, I couldn`t watch. T.T. Fortunately, the evaluations as well as the value that can be selected. So, learn. Bian didn`t like it when Aldi came to deliver goods into the house. Dancing and she fights a little, but when she goes to the movies with Ami, Bian invites her “nicely” while watching a movie together at home. It`s better #dirumahaja hahaha. In the film, there is a kissing scene that Tari touches embarrassingly and until she closes her eyes with her hands. It was from there that Bian finally understood Tari`s innocence, especially since he had worn the hijab a long time ago.

Then Bian dragged him into the room. Bian gives Tari a sealed agreement that they won`t take care of another life, and when they are 1 year old, they will divorce, occupy separate spaces, and dance is forbidden to enter Bian`s private sphere. Bian argued because he didn`t like Tari, Bian was already engaged to Sarah (*says in the novel*, which was later cancelled because Mama Bian didn`t like Sarah). This makes Tari surprised and does not accept because the marriage should not be played, Bian also defies Tari if it is not acceptable to file for divorce in the religious court. Tari tried to be patient in preparing Bian`s needs and preparing betawi soto food, even though Bian never wanted to eat it. Ami, a friend of Tari`s who behaves funny and skateboards, advises Dance to follow Bian`s desire not to become a burden on Zari`s mind. The film does not explain why Tari and Bian were engaged. However, the novel tells the reason for Bian`s dancing and matchmaking.

In addition, the extremities are different in movies and novels. Tari also felt that her fight was in vain and eventually decided to give up the defense of her marriage. Tari, however, did not expect her marriage to end quickly. As Tari had just reached Bian`s house (Byantara`s call), the woman was impressed by her husband`s proposed deal. In Mia Chuz`s Novel Wedding Agreement, there are a few scenes that are not projected in the film. For example, if Bian and Tari disagree at the end of the film, their problems are solved by a less complicated solution, while in the novel, their problems are solved by complicated solutions. In the novel, there is a character named Tian who plays Tari`s younger brother, while in the film, there is no role for Zari`s sister. It`s very touching for the story to be baper.

When Bian gets home, Tari offers to change his agreement. He asks Bian not to see Sarah again in public. Bian finally agreed, but the next morning. Tari is entitled to compensation (which she did not explain) if Bian was caught in front of others with Sarah. It turns out that Pakde and Bude Tari arrived and planned to stay at home.

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