Army Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

Some acceptable use guidelines contain a indemnification clause (often referred to as a “harmless maintenance” clause). These are usually contained in a main agreement with general terms and conditions of sale, but can sometimes be found in an acceptable use guideline. Be sure to take all appropriate steps to obtain active consent from your users so that your acceptable use policy is enforceable. But not all acceptable use policies are created in the same way. Design it without paying attention and you will end up with an agreement that is not worth the paper on which it is written. Approval of an acceptable use directive should be a prerequisite for using your service. And while a guideline on acceptable use is highly recommended, it is not a legal obligation. It is an agreement between you and your users. This type of deal made headlines in 2018, when PayPal invoked its acceptable use policy to shut down the account of game developer Acid Software, whose controversial “Active Shooter” game caused a public outcry. This is an excellent explanation of the purpose and scope of Loughborough University`s Acceptable Use Policy. It is clear that the directive applies to all IT departments within the organisation.

It is written in an appropriate formal way, but also friendly and accessible…

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