Artc Standard Access Agreement

ARTC is required to review the accepted access requirement five years after the start of the implementation period to determine whether there is a need to change the requirement as a result of changes to government regulations, legislation, regulations or regulations. Packed Places of approximately 180 farmers and city dwellers attended two meetings over the past week and expressed their support for the NSW Farmers` position against the signing of land access contracts with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). The standard interstate route from Kalgoorlie to Adelaide is owned by Australian Rail Track Corporation. Model Access Agreement Coal – Agreement between Aurizon and the access holder (for example. B a mining company), which then entrusts the operation of trains to an accredited rail operator. The access holder is granted the non-exclusive right to operate coal trains on a given portion of the coal network by an accredited rail operator in exchange for the payment of access charges. Aurizon is responsible for managing infrastructure as well as planning and managing all train movements. The access holder must ensure that coal trains are operated with licensed rolling stock and the rail operator must encourage the rail operator to make reasonable efforts to meet the schedules of the trains. 7. Confidentiality clause (15): the contract contains a detailed confidentiality clause.

The information provided by the access holder on the forecast and the actual volume of coal to be transported is confidential information. 8. Disposal, Trade and Novation (16): ARTC may, in certain circumstances (including a successor to ARTC), cede or renew an agreement. Under these conditions, the holder of the access is considered to be consent to the transfer and renewal of an agreement. In all other cases, ARTC cannot cede or renew an agreement without prior written consent, so as not to be unreasonably withheld. The service pathway access framework is defined in access companies provided unilaterally by “declared service” infrastructure managers and approved by the relevant regulators. Access companies guarantee the non-discriminatory treatment of all railway companies that have entered into or wish to enter into access agreements.

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