Australia Chile Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

Most imports can be imported into Chile without controls, although all imports require a document called Informe de ImportaciĆ³n. This document is issued by the central bank and can also be obtained and processed through a local commercial bank. Payment for visible business transactions is not permitted unless a document has been issued. Foodstuffs require a certificate of analysis issued by an official laboratory in the country of origin in order to obtain prior authorisation from the Chilean health services. The importation of alcoholic beverages may be accompanied by an age certificate. Hay and straw can only be used for the packaging of bottles, glassware, crystal, porcelain, porcelain and earthenware. When used, it must have been disinfected and be covered by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the consulate. The invoice must contain the following signed declaration in English or Spanish: “We hereby confirm that the information contained in this invoice is true and correct and that the goods of ………… origin”. Drawn……..

(director, secretary, partner or incumbent) “, as the case may be. Chile has recently become a member of the Mercosur Agreement and products manufactured by Mercosur members are subject to lower duty rates than non-mercosur countries, plants and their parts, either in their natural state or processed, require both a phytosanitary certificate issued by an authority of the country of origin (usually the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, B. or competent agricultural ministry) and Authorization to enter through the Department of Plant Quarantine in Chile. .

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