Colorado Employment Arbitration Agreements

13-22-213. Majority Action. If there is more than one arbitrator, the powers of an arbitrator shall be exercised by the majority of the arbitrators, with the exception that all arbitrators shall conduct the hearing in accordance with the provisions of § 13-22-215 (3). 13-22-214. Immunity of the arbitrator – testimony – lawyers` fees and expenses. 1. An arbitrator or arbitral organization acting as an arbitrator shall be immune from civil liability to the same extent as a judge of a court of that State acting in a judicial capacity. The Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce has taken no position on the bill, a spokeswoman said. The Colorado Bar Association`s Legislative Review Committee is expected to review the legislation in the coming weeks, said Andrew White, the CBA`s director of legislative relations. The Bar Association has a division dedicated to alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration.

2. the arbitrator has rendered an arbitral award on a claim that has not been submitted to the arbitrator and the arbitral award may be corrected without prejudice to the merits of the claims submitted to arbitration; or what are the emerging trends in labor law in your state, including interaction with other legal areas such as gun law, marijuana legalization, and privacy? Yet, for many employers, arbitration is the preferred method of settling employee disputes. Nevertheless, staff are constantly facing new creative challenges in arbitration agreements. In this context, we have outlined five common pitfalls that often determine whether the court imposes or refuses arbitration. Overall, arbitration proceedings are similar to normal court proceedings, as the same due process requirements continue to apply, primarily the right to notice of proceedings, the right to deal with the rights invoked in a reasonable case and at a reasonable time, and the right to allow the proceedings to conduct in a fundamentally fair manner. However, apart from these requirements, the arbitration procedure is very flexible and the parties to the arbitration can effectively determine their own process at their own discretion. See z.B.C.R.S. § 13-22-215. . . .

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