Share Pledge Security Agreement

(h) do not take or refrain from taking action that would, in one way or another, adversely affect the value or applicability of Pledgees153`s security interest in mortgaged security. SECTION 12. Absolute security interest. To the extent permitted by law, all pledgee and Pledgor rights in this regard are absolute and unconditional, (i) any disability or performance of a subsidiary agreement or other agreement or other related agreement or instrument, (ii) any change in the time, indication or location of payment or any other maturity with respect to any obligations or other modification or refusal or consent to a guarantee or consent to a guarantee , for any of the obligations, or (iii) any other circumstance that might otherwise constitute a defence or execution of the Pledgor with respect to the obligations. All authorizations and agencies containing any of the mortgaged guarantees are irrevocable and the powers are linked to an interest. (d) This agreement creates a permanent security interest for mortgaged guarantees and: (i) remains fully in force and effective until full or full performance of the undertakings and (ii) are mandatory for the Pledgor, its successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment, and with all rights and remedies of the oath under this agreement. , the pawnbroker and his successors are obliged to the benefit of the latter. , transfers and resigns if such a transfer or assignment is not valid if it is contrary to applicable securities legislation. Without limiting the universality of clause ii of the immediately earlier rate, Pledgee may, subject to compliance with applicable securities legislation and the applicable provisions of ancillary agreements, transfer or otherwise transfer the guilty duty to another person or entity. is not available under existing legislation under purchaser status or in any other way. In the case of such an authorized assignment or assignment, all referrals in this agreement are addressed to the plenipotentiary of the oath agent.

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