Special Prorate Agreement Cargo

Signatory airlines may vote at Propere meetings. Non-signatories may attend meetings, but cannot vote. If you cannot vote, this can have a negative impact on your interline performance, as decisions are made at adjacent meetings. The AAP has signed more than 200 airlines. The AAP signatory is required before you can sign one or both multilateral agreements. Ethiopian Cargo – Logistics Services, Africa`s largest airline, offers scheduled cargo flights to 57 destinations with 12 special cargo aircraft, including 10 B777-200Fs – 2 B737-800Fs. In addition, Ethiopian transports cargo to more than 125 international destinations around the world using Ethiopian passenger aircraft that maintain cargo capacity. The solution is to support interline agreements concluded by an airline. An IATA year-end certificate is awarded to participants who receive a higher or 70% higher mark on all exercises and exams.

A special distinction is awarded to participants who receive a higher or 90% score. The Prorate Agency maintains passenger and cargo protection agreements on behalf of the airlines that signed the Prorate Agency (PAA) agreement. The AAP is an agreement between the airlines and IATA, which allows the creation of the Prorate Agency to take these agreements into account on behalf of the signatories. The agency Prorate is based in Geneva and consists of three people. In addition, Ethiopian Cargo – Logistics Services uses Interline Agreements (SPAs) with other airlines to expand its network and provide more opportunities for valued customers. Currently, Ethiopian Cargo SPA (Special Prorate Agreement) has more than 97 airlines. These agreements open up new markets for Ethiopian trading partners and achieve all objectives. The Ethiopian also has truck service agreements to certain destinations to which it is not heading.

Dictionaries are a special database necessary for automatic calculation of the value of the coupon (autoprorate). As part of the service, Avisoftica manages at its own expense the reference data necessary for Interline`s calculations: Interline-Partner and billing conditions with them, IATA CH courses, provisional and prorate factors of IATA. In accordance with the information database of documents recorded during each operating period, primary outbound invoices are established to be submitted to partner airlines in accordance with RAM requirements and bilateral agreements. The conditions of interline, code-sharing, code-sharing (SPA) are developed by the airline`s divisions and may vary for different airlines. Multilateral agreements contain a detailed description of the rules governing the approach, use of these agreements for airfares, overloaded baggage tickets and air travel letters. The Interline service allows you to take into account all the conditions and automate the procedures for calculating the value of the coupon. Airlines involved in passenger and freight intermediation need transaction agreements to help determine the revenues of different airlines. These agreements are called the multilateral Prorate Agreement-Passenger and the Multilateral Prorate Agreement-Cargo. The solution has a special section for the gradual consideration of incoming and generic claim calculations for Interline. The implementation of Interline agreements requires billing in accordance with the rules established for multilateral or bilateral agreements.

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