Terms And Conditions Of Motor Vehicle Repair Agreement

Changes to the estimate, the extent of the repair or work, the invoiced prices are subject to all these conditions, so that such a modification is not considered or justified as a new or separate contract. 9.1. The company indicates the estimated time for the repair of a vehicle and endeavors to inform the customer if this estimated deadline is not respected, while the company cannot assume responsibility for delays beyond its control. 1.3 “The Terms” refer to the Company`s Terms and Conditions set forth in this document and any special terms agreed in writing by a director, company secretary or other member of the management team of such company acting for and on behalf of the company. Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and any amendment thereto, vehicles, including components, valves and contents, are left entirely at the disposal of the company at the customer`s risk. The Company is in no way responsible for any loss or damage suffered or delays in the completion of the service or repairs, unless this is caused by negligence or negligence on the part of the Company, its employees or representatives. 3.2 Payment of the price and VAT is due at the time of pick-up/delivery of the vehicle after the completion of the repairs, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the company. In this case, the payment is in principle thirty days from the date of the invoice. 25. FORCE MAJEURE a. If, for any reason not under the proper control of NTTSR, NTTSR is unable to perform all or part of any of the agreed works or any other obligation under these Terms and Conditions of Sale, NTTSR is released from its obligations to the extent and for the period during which it is unable to do so; and is in no way liable to the customer for such impossibility. b. In the event of delay or non-performance by NTTSR as a result of a force majeure event, NTTSR may terminate without delay the agreements or agreed parties that are not performed by notification to the customer.

c. In the event of such termination, in accordance with point 25.b., the customer shall pay NTTSR all costs and expenses incurred for the work performed before the effective date of termination. 26.

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