Visa Service Agreement Sample

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service offered during the execution of your case, please speak directly to your advisor. To file a formal complaint, you are required to submit the complaint in writing so that we can accurately and in writing record your concerns, as you have seen. The applicant appoints urmila Sumeet Kumar (MARN: 0641554), Executive Director of Auzworld Migration, to represent the applicant and assist the visa or review application or any other service described in this agreement. These are the conditions that govern the relationship between you, our client (called “you” under these conditions) and Peninsula Visa, Inc( (“Visa Peninsula”) for the provision of services by The Peninsula Visa. If you are a consumer under a local or federal law (“consumer”), you may have additional rights listed in this document. If you are not a consumer, you hereafter confirm that you are entitled to hire any business on whose behalf you wish to purchase services. These terms and conditions contain certain conditions that appear on Peninsula Visa`s corresponding website for your country (“Website”) in, including the peninsula`s privacy policy, which is included in the package only for visa services on the peninsula. Other terms and conditions do not apply and are not part of the contract between us, although we do not expressly reject them. These conditions may be changed without notice, except that the conditions applicable at the time of abandonment or modification of an order determine the order in question.

In order to avoid any doubt, the simple announcement of the site (unlike the service order) is subject to the conditions of use of the site and not to these conditions. The “No Win No Fee” applies only to “Full Representation – Postal or Premium Service” and not to other types of services. The customer can terminate the contract at any time during the duration of the engagement through a written communication on the customer log-in service. All refunds are granted to the customer in accordance with our refund policy above. You should not rely solely on this result as a true reference to your visa permit. If service charges are not paid based on service or during service or prior to service, MY VISA ONLINE will pass them on to Debit Collections and MY VISA ONLINE is not responsible for the credit assessment or credit history of the customer.

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