What Is A Solar Interconnection Agreement

Legal due diligence is needed to determine the mechanisms and impact of milestone dates and precipice dates, in particular with respect to down payments and commissioning dates. Your legal team should also read the interconnection contract under the applicable utility tariff. Just as every electric utility has unique distribution and transmission systems, it also has unique policies and processes that determine how distributed energy resources (such as solar power) can be connected to the grid. That is, the grid interconnection process is similar for U.S. utilities in two ways: utilities don`t just let all solar energy systems connect to their grid; You need to make sure that your solar system meets the required electrical safety standards. I help him find the right company while he gets the permit. The majority of U.S. home and commercial PV systems are interactive to the grid, also known as grid-connected systems, meaning they are designed to export excess electricity to the grid. Export occurs when the power generated by the solar module system is greater than the power consumed by on-site loads. Alternatively, investors looking for a platform that does both (recycle capital with short-term profits and place long-term strategic bets) may consider pipelines that combine different levels of connection speculation. In the United States, state Utility Commissions (PUCs) set connection standards that customers and utilities must follow.


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